Your 2022 Guide to Well-thought-out Gifts from Japan (Available in South Africa) - Part 1

The next time you blink, the holiday season will start. If you haven’t started your gift shopping, we advise you to start right now, because this year, you won’t be doing any last-minute shopping for a random watch for your friend or a convenience store chocolate box for your mother-in-law.

Oji Shop team will share with you a detailed guide to offer your loved ones well-thought-out gifts from Japan; be it skincare, snacks and food boxes, office supplies, or kitchenware, you will find the ideal concept in this article.


Japanese Snacks and Foods: The tastes we all crave even if we didn’t know

When we are talking about Japan, we can’t forget about the world-renowned cuisine. You might be thinking that inviting your friends and family to a Japanese restaurant is the only way to enjoy the Japanese flavours, but we have awesome alternative gifts you can purchase this Christmas:

  • Tea Heaven Box: Let your friends and family try these unique refreshments

South Africa is well-known for its Rooibos tea (which is also popular in Japan), but the holiday season is the perfect time to let your friends and family try new things.

We suggest a collection of refreshments that could serve as the best way to enjoy the taste of Japan while in South Africa. Let’s not forget about the health benefits!

The “Tea Heaven” Box include Morihan High Quality Matcha, Royal Milk Tea, Ito-En Matcha, and Blendy Stick Jasmine tea.

Shop here: Tea Heaven - Christmas Special

Price: R520, Free Shipping: Yes


We all know that one friend who is a big foodie but doesn’t really enjoy cooking. We have the best gift recommendation for you to let them have a tasty Christmas with minimal efforts!

The Saucy Box of Flavours contains the essential ready-to-use pasta sauces from Pietro Japan, who you can trust when it comes to high quality and tasty ingredients.

This box contains: Crab and lobster with tomato cream sauce, Eggplant and ground meat with spicy tomato sauce, Sardine and vegetables with peperoncino sauce, and Bolognese sauce.

Pasta Sauce Collection Christmas gift

Shop here: The Saucy Box of Flavours

Price: R500, Free Shipping: Yes


Let your Vegan/Vegetarian friends and family enjoy the taste of Japan with this Vegan Christmas Box!

Vegan and Gluten Free Dressings from Pietro were created to help people like and enjoy eating vegetables, they can be used not only for salads but also for seasoning various dishes! In this Christmas Special Gift, we added Shoyu and Roasted Sesame flavours dressings.

Samurai Ramen broth is bursting with rich and complex flavour thanks to the combination of miso, sesame paste, ginger paste, chopped garlic, chili, & brown sugar!

Shop here: The Vegan Japan

Price: R350.00


Handmade gifts to give life to Japanese History

If you are interested in getting some super unique gifts this year, don’t fret! Japan has the right items for you!

In the following, part, we will suggest a collection of unique Japanese products crafted by high quality artisans who, instead of only created pieces of ceramics, decided to tell you the stories of Japan and introduce years of Japanese deep knowledge and historical experience.

Japanese craftsmen who honour their historic crafting traditions, methods and inspiration are required to produce MARUMO TAKAGI’s innovative colour-changing designs that change depending on the temperature of the liquid that is poured into the glass. A stunning Magic Sakura glass that is shaped into a curved design and is ideal for everyday use as much as for special occasions.

Shop here:  Magic Sakura Glass – Pair of 2

Price: R 819.99, Free Shipping: Yes


Drinking Sake is a unique experience to discover the essence of Japan but drinking sake using Magic Sakura Sake cups will bring that very experience to a whole new level.

The person who will receive this set of sake cups will watch before their own eyes the beautiful phenomenon of blooming Sakura when pouring cold sake in their cup.

The best part is that they can share this amazing experience with their loved one since this product comes in a set of 2!

Shop here:  Magic Sakura Sake Cup – Pair of 2

Price: R 729.99, Free Shipping: Yes

Takara Sake Umeshu

Pair it with: Takara Nanko Bai no Umeshu - Plum Liqueur

Price: R 269.99


One of Japan’s popular pottery and ceramics styles is called Kutani-Yaki which was first created in the 17th century (Edo period). The creators of Kutani-Yaki in Ishikawa prefecture are still making beautiful handmade ware for pottery fans, where every stroke of the brush is made which great precision and utmost care, and every pigment tells the story of an art that survived throughout the years. We propose the following products as a exceptional gift to offer this Christmas:


Beer cup
Pair Beer Cups


Sake cup x Plate set

Kutani-Yaki Cup x Plate Set R 179.99


handmade vase

Kutani-Yaki Flower Vase R 215.99


Part 2 is coming soon with more gift ideas to make Christmas brighter!

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