Lululun Facial Mask - Trial Set of 3

Lululun Facial Mask - Trial Set of 3
Lululun Facial Mask - Trial Set of 3
Lululun Facial Mask - Trial Set of 3

Lululun Facial Mask - Trial Set of 3

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This set is perfect for you to try Lululun first time. From the "Lululun Regular Series, and recommended for any type of skin, this pack includes Lululun Balance / Lululun Moist / Lululun Clear. Each pack contains 10 face mask sheets.

Lululun BALANCE (Pink) aims to protect moisture and make your skin smooth and naturally beautiful. Focuses on the balance of Skin flora.

It focuses on the healthy balance of the skin flora with two key ingredients—Lactobacillus Ferment extract can and Fermented Black Bee Honey

Lululun MOIST (Blue) delivers moisture deep into the skin.
It hydrates and retains moisture with great osmotic force, and makes your skin plump, glowing, and beautiful.
The more you use this mask, the more you will be delighted with your skin.

If you've been taking care of your skin, but your dryness problem persists, it may be because the horny layer for retaining moisture has been disrupted.

It's formulated to efficiently distribute moisture to the skin, resulting in fresh, glowing, and supple skin.

Lululun CLEAR (White) builds up the foundation of beauty.
A mask that helps the skin to prevent dryness caused by the light and heat on a daily basis.

UV is not the only factor that can trigger skin problems in the sunlight, the heat is also a key. It is important to prepare your skin to resist the dryness and damage caused by the sun's heat.

The key to taking care of your skin’s radiance is to prevent it early and be repetitive. This product is formulated to prevent dryness caused by Sun tanning and brightening skin to achieve beautiful skin with a clear, translucent look.

Net wt. 22ml / 0.74 fl oz. per pouch x 3 PCS

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