Nagatanien Otona No Furikake Noritamago (Seaweed & Egg)

Nagatanien Otona No Furikake Noritamago (Seaweed & Egg)

Nagatanien Otona No Furikake Noritamago (Seaweed & Egg)

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Before Otona no Furikake was introduced, Furikake had been considered what was meant for children. So, in order to break the image, Nagatanien released “Otona no Furikake” literally meaning “Rice Seasoning for Adults” in Japanese. Otona no Furikake is one of the most popular Furikake series in Japan and is widely enjoyed by both adults and children.

The scent of seaweed and egg-flavored furikake is just the best to enjoy different dishes!

    Furikake is a seasoned powder for sprinkling over and mixing into cooked rice. It is a standard condiment for rice, but it can also be used for other dishes like pasta, fish or salads.

    Mix 1 to 2 g of this product evenly in a bowl (about 150 g) of rice.

    Contains 5 Servings (5 packs)

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