Nekko Japanese-Japanese Learner's Dictionary 300 of the Most Common Verbs and Adjectives

An Educational Japanese Language Dictionary

Nekko Japanese-Japanese Learner's Dictionary 300 of the Most Common Verbs and Adjectives

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A monolingual dictionary for people learning Japanese as a second language. In recent years, the number of people learning Japanese has increased both domestically and internationally, and the attributes of people have become very diverse in terms of mother tongue, learning objectives, educational level, social class, and age. This monolingual Japanese learning dictionary was created with the aim of being comprehensible to everyone with such diverse backgrounds, and easy to understand without any gap in mother tongue or mother culture.

It contains approximately 300 basic verbs, i-adjectives, and na-adjectives. After careful consideration with the cooperation of non-native speakers of Japanese, explanations are presented in the form of sentences with clear subjects and predicates, rather than clauses or phrases, and example sentences are designed so that the meaning of the headwords can be guessed without knowledge of Japanese common sense or Japanese culture. We have tried to show the Japanese language and its usage in everyday life, rather than normative language usage.

This is a unique and unprecedented Japanese-Japanese learning dictionary.

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