New Kanzen Master Dokkai N4 - Reading

New Kanzen Master Dokkai N4 - Reading

New Kanzen Master Dokkai N4 - Reading

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The Dokkai book is aimed at those planning to take the N4 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and helps with reading comprehension. Shin Kanzen Master is a language book collection made for students who wish to take the JLPT exams.


It provides specific practice for the JLPT reading section through many examples. The book helps you learn to tackle specific areas such as getting used to long sentences, inferring the meaning of unknown words, understanding text structure, and reading different kinds of texts. Because passages have been selected from varied material such as advertisements, pamphlets, informational publications, and business documents, it is possible to practice understanding all types of reading material with this one book.

An explanation of the example exercises and practice exercises in terms of how to read and identify important points in the text and how to select answers in multiple choice questions is provided. An answer booklet for the practice questions is also included.

New Kanzen Master JLPT N4 Reading Comprehension book structure :

  • Mastering the basics – This section teaches you the basics of reading texts in Japanese, including the difference in spoken and written japanese for those of you who are used to the spoken language. What styles are used in written Japanese? What are sentences structured like? These among other questions are answered in this chapter. The chapter also teaches you how to get quicker at reading texts. How do I approach long sentences? What to do if there is a word I don't know? Learn how to analyze a text and understand its meaning even without knowing all the words.
  • Reading different kinds of text – This section is exactly what the title suggests. It includes different kinds of texts like E-mails, instruction texts, explanatory texts, and essays among others. You learn how to approach reading texts of different structures and what to pay attention to to understand as much as possible.
  • Finding out what you need to know – Sometimes less is more. This section challenges you to not read all the information provided, but only skim through it and find the relevant information. Included are advertisements, pamphlets, instructions, graphic material, E-mails among other text styles.
  • Exam type question – This chapter features questions that are designed just like questions in the real JLPT N4. To pass the test, knowing your kanji, vocabulary and grammar is essential. What many people don't realize that it is just as important to get familiar with the test structure. This section is specially helpful if you plan on taking on the JLPT N4.
  • Mock test – Exactly the same style as the real test, exactly the same amount of questions and exactly the same time limit. Challenge yourself and see if all the hard work paid off.

Recommended for you if :

  • You want to prepare specially for the JLPT N4.
  • You want to familiarize yourself with techniques on how to read Japanese texts.
  • You want to learn to read different kinds of texts written in different styles.
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