New Kanzen Master Kanji N4

New Kanzen Master Kanji N4

New Kanzen Master Kanji N4

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The Kanji books helps with your kanji study. Shin Kanzen Master is a language book collection made for students who wish to take the JLPT exams, and the book contain short explanations of essential points for each level of the exam, as well as many practical exercises. These will allow you to progress gradually to the level required to pass your exams in Japanese. This volume is aimed at those planning to take the N4 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

This text is intended for students entering the intermediate level who finished learning hiragana and katakana and the JLPT N5 kanji. You will learn 278 kanji at N4 level.

It is designed to allow you to learn kanji in the statement, and let you understand how it is used in the actual expression.

The book also explains the theoretical side of kanji. What is the difference between the kun-yomi and the on-yomi? Does every kanji have both a kun- and an on-yomi? Do I have to remember all readings? If you have ever asked yourself one or more of these questions, this book answers them for you.

Recommended for you if:

  • You want to prepare specially for the JLPT N4.
  • You already learned hiragana and katakana and the JLPT N5 kanji and want to continue your journey.
  • You want to not just learn, but get a deeper understanding on how kanji work and how to read and use them correctly based on context.
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