Kana Master Revised Edition

An Educational Japanese Language Book

Kana Master Revised Edition

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For those new to hiragana and katakana, this book is for YOU!

Do you want to have an exciting time learning hiragana and katakana, the Japanese alphabets, for the first time? If so, get yourself a copy of Sanshusha’s Kana Master Revised Edition book. In addition to learning how to read, write, and pronounce the characters correctly, you will learn 500 vocabulary words necessary for daily life with abundant illustrations and bilingual translation.

The revised edition uses a font that makes it easy to recognize the shapes of the characters and prevents mistakes, and the two-colour printing makes it easy to understand the correct stroke order, so that even self-study students can write beautiful, easy-to-read characters. In addition, the free downloadable audio allows you to check each character and all the sounds of the vocabulary listed, helping you to develop a sense of rhythm, which is essential for Japanese language learning. This book can be used by native as well as non-native teachers. English, Chinese, and Vietnamese translations are included.

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