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Nippon Ale Gummies Surprise Set

Try the unique Gummies made with Japanese fruits: Wild Grapes from Yamanashi, Pineapples from Okinawa, and more!
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Snacks, sweets and more yum.

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Marumiya Tarako Furikake Rice Seasoning - 60g
Sale price R 28.00 Regular price R 55.99 Save 50%
Pietro Dressing Condiment
Pietro Dressing Shoyu Vegan
Sale price R 79.99 Regular price R 159.99 Save 50%
Takara Hon-Mirin Rice Wine, 300ml
Sale price R 179.99 Regular price R 259.99 Save 31%
Kuretake Calligraphy Set - GA-504S
Sale price R 1,299.99 Regular price R 1,599.99 Save 19%
The Geisha Beauty Box
The best of Japan's skincare and makeup products in one box to let your beauty shine!
R 800.00
Gummies Set from Japan
A set of gummies made from real fruit juice from Japan!
R 165.00
Nippon Ale Gummy: Amaou Strawberry Gummy (Fukuoka prefecture)
R 35.00
Sakura shaped earrings with gold accents
Sakura Earrings
R 604.99
A Colour-changing Magical Sakura Sake Cup
Magic Sakura Sake Cup - Set of 2
R 729.99
Female Yukata & Obi Set
R 1,199.99
Nippon Ale Gummy: Cherry Gummy (Yamagata prefecture)
R 35.00
Famous foods from Japan.
Shop Japanese renown snacks, sweets and more.
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Meiji Fruit Gummy
A classic flavor of a juicy grape with a rich taste, blended with carefully selected grape juice and a scent of grapes that is familiar to you, free from artificial coloring!
So Yum
R 49.99
Nippon Ale Gummy: Pinapple Gummies from Okinawa
Gummies made with Okinawan pineapple juice.
Enjoy the refreshing scent and rich sweetness of pineapples.
R 35.00
Marumiya Gomashio Furikake Rice Seasoning 
Marumiya is one of the biggest names when it comes to furikake, boasting its own extensive “furikake series.” Enjoy a classic flavour combination that makes rice irresistible with Marumiya's sesame seed and salt flavoured furikake. Sprinkle onto freshly steamed white rice, or add to onigiri rice balls.
R 38.00
Japanese Vegan Products
Enjoy the flavours of Japan while living your choice!
Vegan Shop
Shoyu Salad Dressing
Vegan, Glutten Free, & MSG Free! But the most important: Yummy!!
Roasted Sesame Dressing
The best vegan dressing for your salads, pasta and fish!
Popular for kids
The fun has arrived.
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Otamatone x Hatsune Miku
Music meets happiness and fun.
R 814.99
Pokemon Quick!! 01 Pikachu
The new brand "Poke Pla Quick!!" is perfect for your first time plastic model experience.
R 247.00
Seasonal Origami Japanese Sheets
Seasonal inspired Origami papers to inspire you to create Origami masterpieces.
R 165.99

Shop the latest in Desktop Crafts.

Totoro Hanko Mini Stamp Set
R 245.00
Floral patterned origami sheets
Seasonal Origami Japanese Sheets - 96 Sheets
R 165.99
Rainbow coloured glitter pens
Artistro Niji Glitter Pens
R 644.99
Sold Out
Gold and cherry coloured card
Golden Cherry Blossom Card
R 189.99
Adourable cat shaped paper clips
Gold Cat Paper Clips - 12 pcs
R 234.99
Veg and ice cream shaped paper clips
Veggie and Cream Paper Clips - 20pcs
R 274.99
Mother Natures antioxidant.
Shop all healthy foods from Japan.
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Ito-En Matcha Tea
Itoen Oi Ocha Instant Tea features a powdered blend of premium Japanese green tea with matcha.
R 150.00
Skin Care just in.
Shop the latest in skin care Innovation.
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Lululun Facial Mask
This set is perfect for you to try Lululun for the first time. From the "Lululun Regular Series, and recommended for any type of skin.
Skin Care
R 402.00
Gummies Set of 5: Nippon Ale Gummies With Real Fruit Juice From Japan
R 165.00
Sold Out
Matcha Kit Kat
R 119.99
Meiji Fruit Gummy Candies - Grape - 51g
R 49.99
Nippon Ale Gummy: Wild grape Gummy (Iwate prefecture)
R 35.00
Nippon Ale Gummy: Amaou Strawberry Gummy (Fukuoka prefecture)
R 35.00
Nippon Ale Gummy: Yuzu Gummy (Kouchi prefecture)
R 35.00

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