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The Geisha Beauty Box
The best of Japan's skincare and makeup products in one box to let your beauty shine!
R 800.00
Calligraphy Set 
Kuretake calligraphy sets are selected for their contents to make it easy to use for beginners.
R 1,299.99
Sold Out
Geisha Beauty Box
R 800.00
Black Blue Brown Wine Red
Ceramic Roller LIBERTY
R 175.00
KUTANIYAKI Flower Vase RENZAN (Size No.8.5)
Sale price R 215.99 Regular price R 275.00 Save 21%
Otamatone x Monchichi Instrument
Otamatone x Monchichi
R 814.99
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Sakura shaped earrings with gold accents
Sakura Earrings
R 604.99
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Otamatone Deluxe
Music meets happiness and fun.
R 1,754.99
Tamagotchi BT21
Your digital pet is back with the original programming.
R 818.00
Pokemon Quick!! 01 Pikachu
The new brand "Poke Pla Quick!!" is perfect for your first time plastic model experience.
R 247.00
Seasonal Origami Japanese Sheets
Seasonal inspired Origami papers to inspire you to create Origami masterpieces.
R 165.99

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Totoro Hanko Mini Stamp Set
R 245.00
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Floral patterned origami sheets
Seasonal Origami Japanese Sheets - 96 Sheets
R 165.99
Rainbow coloured glitter pens
Artistro Niji Glitter Pens
R 644.99
Adourable cat shaped paper clips
Gold Cat Paper Clips - 12 pcs
R 234.99
Veg and ice cream shaped paper clips
Veggie and Cream Paper Clips - 20pcs
R 274.99
Beautiful heart shaped paper clips
Ai Heart Paper Clips - 20pcs
R 149.99

Skin Care for Her

Skin Care just in.
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Rosette Face Wash
This facewash is plant-based, with cleanser foam made from palm-tree in combination with rice-bran extract to cleanse your skin and keep it smooth.
Skin Care
R 110.00