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Japanese Sake Kit Kat
R 150.00
Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate - 50g bar
R 77.00
Nobel Otoko Ume Gummy Candies - 38g
R 29.00
Black Blue Brown Wine Red
Ceramic Roller CELSUS
R 258.00
SAKAMOTO Action Pens
from R 156.00

Geisha Beauty Box

Geisha Beauty Box

Oji Shop brings you South Africa's first Japanese beauty box! Filled with a selection of the best of beauty that Japan has to offer - from cleansers to facemasks to makeup.
Regular price R 800.00
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The fun has arrived.
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Watercolour Pens
Art meets writing and fun.
R 848.00
Pokemon Quick!! 01 Pikachu
The new brand "Poke Pla Quick!!" is perfect for your first time plastic model experience.
R 247.00
Magnet Inc. Candy Marker
Realist looking candy highlighters.
R 119.00

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Anime Stickers - Pack of 5
R 45.00
Refill for "Quick Dry Gel Ballpaint Pen RAYS"
R 16.99
Kuretake Brilliant Silver Ink - Silver Mica 60ml
R 199.99
Kuretake Brilliant Gold Ink - Gold Mica 60ml
R 199.99
Zig Cartoonist Menso Brush Medium
R 149.99
Kuretake Sengaki Brush Small
R 149.99
Mother Natures antioxidant.
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Morihan Organic Uji Matcha
This is a high grade Japanese organic matcha powder certified by JAS standards and ecologically grown and harvested in Uji, Kyoto prefecture.
R 141.00
Skin Care just in.
Shop the latest in skin care Innovation.
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Lululun Facial Mask
This set is perfect for you to try Lululun for the first time. From the "Lululun Regular Series, and recommended for any type of skin.
R 402.00
Nightmin Ear Looping Time
R 199.99
MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask - Pack of 4 Masks
R 99.99
Geisha Beauty Box
R 800.00
Additive-Free Rice Bran Foam Face Wash
R 65.00
Sold Out
Bikkura Tamago Pokemon Bath Bomb - 5 Ball Set
R 522.00
Biore Skin Care Facial Cleanser, Acne Care - 130 g
R 70.00
Famous foods from Japan.
Shop Japanese renown snacks, sweets and more.
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Bourbon Mini Roll Cake Matcha
Bourbon Matcha baum rolls are very famous in Japan and also very hard to find even in Japan. Baum rolls are vanilla sponge cakes wrapped in a hardened Uji flavoured Mousse.
R 59.99
Kasugai Tsubu Gummy Candies
Tsubu Gummy is similar to jelly beans, with a hard shell, and a soft, chewy filled centre, in 5 delicious soda flavours: Ginger ale, cola, melon soda, cider, grape soda.
On Special
R 19.00
Kanro Puré Gummy Candies
Small heart-shaped gummies that pack a great health punch beyond the benefits of individual fruit.
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Japanese Sake Kit Kat
R 150.00
Sold Out
Matcha Kit Kat
R 115.00
Melon Kit Kat
R 149.00
Sold Out
Mini KitKat Chocolate Matcha Latte Packs (11)
R 79.99
Sold Out
Meiji Rich Matcha Chocolate Sandwich
R 39.99
Sold Out
Bourbon Mini Roll Cake Matcha
R 59.99

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