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Sakura Snack Box
Our snacks have been curated to include the most essential Japanese snacks. Enjoy the taste of Japan!
R 450.00
Geisha Beauty Box
Filled with a selection of the best of beauty that Japan has to offer - from cleansers to facemasks to makeup.
R 800.00
Sho Chiku Bai Shirakabegura - Mio Sparkling Sake 300ml
Sale price R 219.99 Regular price R 439.99 Save 50%
Sour Plum Potato Chips - Calbee
Sale price R 37.00 Regular price R 74.00 Save 50%
Takara Nanko Bai no Umeshu - Plum Liqueur 300ml
Sale price R 289.99 Regular price R 359.99 Save 19%
Takara Hon-Mirin Rice Wine, 300ml
Sale price R 205.00 Regular price R 259.99 Save 21%
Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 Colors Set
Sale price R 799.99 Regular price R 999.99 Save 20%
Sakura Snack Box - Free Shipping Code: SAKURA
Sale price R 450.00 Regular price R 500.00 Save 10%
Nissin Cup Noodle - Original
R 49.99
Black Blue Brown Wine Red
Ceramic Roller CELSUS
R 258.00
Marumiya Tarako Furikake Rice Seasoning - 60g
R 55.99
Additive-Free Rice Bran Foam Face Wash
R 65.00
Famous foods from Japan.
Shop Japanese renown snacks, sweets and more.
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Morinaga Ramune Sweets
A sweet ramune candy from Japan with a texture that reminds us of Smarties! The resealable bag makes it easy to enjoy anywhere and by everyone, be it kids or adults!
So Yum
R 40.00
Melon Kit Kat
Try out the unusual Melon flavour, which infuses Japanese sweet melon into the chocolate and creates a sweetness unlike any you have tried before.
R 149.00
Japanese Sake Kit Kat
Japan is famous for over 200 varieties of Kit Kat. Try out one of the classics, the Sake Kit Kat which infuses the unique flavour of Japanese rice wine in a white chocolate, enrobing a crunchy wafer.
R 150.00
Popular for kids
The fun has arrived.
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Watercolour Pens
Art meets writing and fun.
R 848.00
Pokemon Quick!! 01 Pikachu
The new brand "Poke Pla Quick!!" is perfect for your first time plastic model experience.
R 247.00
Magnet Inc. Candy Marker
Realist looking candy highlighters.
R 119.00

Shop the latest in Desktop Crafts.

Floral patterned origami sheets
Seasonal Origami Japanese Sheets - 96 Sheets
R 165.99
Rainbow coloured glitter pens
Artistro Niji Glitter Pens
R 644.99
Gold and cherry coloured card
Golden Cherry Blossom Card
R 189.99
Adourable cat shaped paper clips
Gold Cat Paper Clips - 12 pcs
R 234.99
Veg and ice cream shaped paper clips
Veggie and Cream Paper Clips - 20pcs
R 274.99
Beautiful heart shaped paper clips
Ai Heart Paper Clips - 20pcs
R 149.99
Mother Natures antioxidant.
Shop all healthy foods from Japan.
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Morihan Organic Uji Matcha
This is a high grade Japanese organic matcha powder certified by JAS standards and ecologically grown and harvested in Uji, Kyoto prefecture.
R 141.00
Skin Care just in.
Shop the latest in skin care Innovation.
Shop Skin Care
Lululun Facial Mask
This set is perfect for you to try Lululun for the first time. From the "Lululun Regular Series, and recommended for any type of skin.
Skin Care
R 402.00
Sold Out
MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask - Pack of 4 Masks
R 99.99
Additive-Free Rice Bran Foam Face Wash
R 65.00
Nightmin Ear Looping Time
R 199.99
Egg shaped Demon Slayer bath bomb
Demon Slayer Bikkura Egg Bath Bombs
R 114.99
Geisha Beauty Box
R 800.00
Sold Out
Biore Skin Care Facial Cleanser, Rich Moisture - 130 g
R 70.00
Matcha Kit Kat
R 114.00
Sold Out
Japanese Sake Kit Kat
R 150.00
Kanro Puré Gummy Candies - Grape - 56g
R 48.00
Melon Kit Kat
R 149.00
Sakeru Gummy
R 55.00
Glico Pocky Strawberry
R 56.00

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